Monday, February 13, 2012

Read 2 Review #2 -- River Dawn by Stephen Graff

Title: River Dawn
Author: Stephen Graff
Release Date: August 12th 2011 by Stephen Graff
Edition: Ebook

Alice Page is a typical teenager, traveling down a dark, flooded river in a world that is dying. Her scientist father has been assigned by The Institute to find out if the stories are true: that a fabled flock of snow geese is still migrating up and down the Black River. While her father is obsessed with his mission, Alice is increasingly aware of the hidden dangers that surround them, and she knows that terrible things are about to happen. A ruthless preacher is searching for a mysterious boy who holds a valuable secret. But he's also looking for new congregants and has taken an interest in Alice's mother. One night, his followers steal aboard and take Mrs. Page with them. Alice wonders: why did she go without putting up a fight? Then one morning, Alice and her father rescue a teenage boy named Daniel, left for dead on a wooden barge. Now as the Pastor and his shadowy hunters close in, Alice and Daniel are falling in love. But they must keep their eyes open or they'll be taken too, into the heart of an eerie landscape of black water and deathly omens; a world from which they may never return. RIVER DAWN is a post apocalyptic adventure for older teens, young adults, and readers interested in dystopian fiction

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  1. I've never heard of these book until now. Sounds like it would be a good read.