Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guess That Cover (Round 2)

Hey Group Members :)

This competition is called Guess That Cover.
Where I take a small part of a cover and you have to guess what cover it is!
Kind of simple, right?!
Please do not post your answers here.
Message me on goodreads with the answers: Janina's Goodreads

The first person to guess all the covers will win a book of there choice from the list below.
Please number your answers when you send me your guess. Once again, please DO NOT post answers here! Or I will have to disqualify you. Message me on goodreads (link above)

These look pretty easy to me! :) Lol I hope they are to you. This is just for fun.
No hints will be given.

If you can guess all three bonus cover (adult), you get an additional book prize!


Your prize choices: 
-Winner pick, one from the books below.
Book will be sent via email. 
(Ebook, Kindle or Epub)

Bonus Prize Choices

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