Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guess That Cover (CLOSED)

Hey Group Members :)

This competition is called Guess That Cover.
Where I take a small part of a cover and you have to guess what cover it is!
Kind of simple, right?!
Please do not post your answers here.
Message me on goodreads with the answers: Janina's Goodreads

The first person to guess all the covers will win a book of there choice from the list below.
Please number your answers when you send me your guess. Once again, please DO NOT post answers here! Or I will have to disqualify you. Message me on goodreads (link above)

These look pretty easy to me! :) Lol I hope they are to you. This is just for fun.
No hints will be given.
(Leave a comment if you would like to there to be another round after this one or leave suggestions)


Your prize choices: 
-Winner pick, one from the books below.
Book will be sent via email. 
(Ebook, Kindle or Epub)


  1. Looks fun! I'd enjoy a few rounds :)

  2. bleah! I suck! I only know half of them! lol

  3. Awesome! What a great idea! I know I would like to do a few rounds, fun!